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    Looking for fast and affordable SSD hosting?

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    You see, there are two ranking factors which very few webmasters ever talk about and that’s your bounce rate and load speed.

    These factors are mostly determined by the speed of your webserver…

    When someone visits your site, a request is sent to the hosts server, which then finds the page and downloads it to the visitors browser.

    Now, if this process takes more than a couple of seconds the visitor will most likely click away.

    The percentage of visitors that immediately leave is known as your “Bounce Rate” and if you have a high bounce rate it means your site is “Bad” in the eyes of Google and they penalize you.

    There’s also another reason why the speed of your webserver is so important…

    Websites are getting bigger and bigger every day.

    I remember the first one I built, it was made up of plain text and a couple of pictures.

    The whole thing was under 1 MB and loaded instantly.

    But not anymore. Today’s websites are a massive, bloated mess of links, pictures, videos, scripts plus the whole thing needs to be setup so that it’s “Mobile responsive” and can resize for whatever device is being used, which means more code and more to load and I could go on.

    But this also brings me to my next point…

    The way people browse the web has also changed.

    Desktop browsing is quickly becoming a thing of the past and today most people access the web on their phones.

    And the device they are using might be a lot less faster than say, their connection at home, which means the site might load a whole lot slower.

    Now, as I first mentioned, the speed at which your site loads is dependent on your webhost.

    And here’s the problem with that:

    Most webhosts are still using HDD’s (Hard disc drives) which in 2016 is basically stone age technology.

    These drives use a mechanical arm to read and write data, similar to a record player, which means they read and write data a lot slower since the mechanical arm needs to move around the whole time.

    It gets much worse when the data is stored at random locations on the disk. And this is why high-end server HDDs have random access times that are no faster than 2.9 milliseconds.

    But now there’s a new, better alternative to stone age HDD servers…

    SSD Hosting is a web hosting service based at YOUR ADDRESS

    We call ourselves this because we’re the premier provider of SSD hosting in the local area and ONLY use servers which run solid-state drives (SSD)

    SSD’s are almost the same as a USB memory stick where all of the data is stored on microchips.

    This means you can access any part of the disk at any time and because these drives have no moving parts they can run faster than the standard HDD’s.

    SSD’s can also provide a much higher input / output (I/O) speeds compared to traditional HDD’s, so they can write and read data much faster, which greatly boosts the speed at which data is accessed from your website and databases.

    How much faster?

    SSD hosting is significantly faster than traditional hosting due to the huge difference in I/O speeds and typically have random access times of under 0.1 milliseconds.

    So on average, SSD’s will access data 30 times faster than traditional HDD’s.

    And by using SSD hosting, you’ll see significant improvements in your website’s performance, especially if your website needs to frequently access PHP scripts and databases.

    Bottom line?

    SSD storage gives you much quicker data access times making your website much more responsive.

    And with our new SSD storage configuration, your website will be many times faster than any traditional setup.

    And if you’d like to experiment with SSD hosting here’s how to do it risk free…

    If what I’ve just said makes sense, and you can see the value of SSD hosting then why don’t you give us try.

    To make this 100% risk free for yourself, we’re putting a 60 day guarantee on our webhosting.

    Try out SSD Hosting for two months, and if you’re not satisfied with our services, if your site doesn’t run faster, smoother and better, just let us know within 60 days of signing up and we’ll refund your hosting fees *

    And here’s something I can promise:

    If you’re already using SSD hosting I can almost guarantee that we can provide you with a faster service for a lot less than you’re currently paying…

    Remember, your load speed determines bounce rate and user satisfaction and by improving this you can climb the rankings and make a profit from your site.

    And if you’d like to find out more please visit us at:

    Alternatively you can call us at: 801-899-6146

    Or email:

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    * 60-day money back guarantee applies to hosting purchases only. Domain purchases are non-refundable. See refund policy for details.


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