5 Proven Ways To Get Customers To Your Website

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    shutterstock_236186674As a website hosting and design company, we get asked many variations of the same question. “How can I get more customers?” This is a great question inviting you to look past simply promoting more website views and moving straight to what really counts, customers. Today you will find many customer attracting options, but here are 5 proven methods you will want to implement. Ask yourself, What method should I work on today?[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

    1. Back links

    Back linking can be easily defined as a link to your website posted on another website. The idea of back links is to help promote more traffic to your website. Back links can be a great traffic building solution or they can cause you to lose credibility with search engines and other companies. Always strive to link with companies that are higher ranked than your website and are relevant to your industry. A good way to find out if you should back link your site with another is to check out their Alexa rank at Alexa.com. Alexa ranks websites based on how much traffic a site may have. For example Google is ranked number one due to their high web traffic among other things. To start back linking search for websites that you would like to link to and contact them with a nice email.

    2. Blog posting

    One of the best ways to get traffic to your website is a blog. Blogs provide one of the best opportunities to show what you know while encouraging links for people to find out more about your products. Good blog writers have massive followings and can make lots of money depending on their willingness to commit time and energy. It is always wise to provide a clear link to your blog from your site and likewise from your site to your blog. Your blog can also be a place where ads, including discounts to products can be provided. Make sure to post at least once a week to your blog including a sign up area where people can get on your blog post mailing list.

    3. Email marketing

    You are not a internet business without a growing an email list. Email is one of the most powerful marketing tools for any company. An email presence can help grow your business at a swift rate. Emails should be to the point, short and provide quality content. Readers don’t have time to read more than a few words before they get bored and move on. Always consider who your reader is and what will keep their attention. Typically you will want to email at least once a month but be careful about emailing too often. It may be wise to email when you have significant news or a promotion.

    4. Mobile design

    Web design can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Smart web design can encourage customers no matter their platform of choice. From tablets to smart phones, your website should look professional and provide the same content on any device. Customers are impressed by websites that allow them to see information and even make a purchase not matter their device of choice . We provide mobile and tablet friendly web designs with every website we build.

    5. Fast hosting

    Speeding up your hosting is critical and will help build more customer confidence in your products and services. Hosting is what displays your site on the web for everyone to view. If you have been to a site that hesitates to load its pages quickly, you tend to lose interest in what the company has to offer. We provide SSD servers only which load much faster than your typical server. This eliminates most if not all hesitations and provides your customers with the very best web experience. Our prices are about the same as the low end server prices that you find advertized all over the internet.

    Again, these are proven methods to help get you more customers. If your website is lacking in any of these areas kindly let us know. We will provide you with easy solutions that we have found to be more robust and timely.


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